Let me introduce myself… My name is Debby, a 22 y/o girl living in Belgium. Currently I’m working @ Knokke as beautician. I really really love my job! It’s my passion. I’ve been thinking a while about to start a blog – should I do it or should I not..?. Anyway, I decided to go for it and from now on this is my beauty travel and lifestyle blog where I’ll share everything I love. I’ll write about clothing, make-up, beauty products, travel trips and tips. One things is sure – I’m a wanderer and I’d like to visit every part of the world.

I want you to experience my life and interests through my eyes – and I hope you’ll like it! What I love the most is to take pictures and share them on my instagram page. I want this blog to be that little something more than my IG feed – make sure you take a look and stay tuned for upcoming posts!

Love, Debby