Waffle Bowl Maker

Hi people!♥   I’ve found an amazing website COOLGIFT! This is a website where you can buy special and unique gifts. In this blog post, I’ll tell you more about it, so keep reading. WARNING : you can get very hungry….

A few days ago, I received something soooo cool! A Waffle Bowl Maker was sent to me and I like it so much. When COOLGIFT contacted me to collaborate, I had to choose something from their website, and it was very difficult to make a decision because everything seemed so fun and practical. In the end I chose the Waffle Bowl Maker because I didn’t know this existed and I would definitely try it out! It looked so good …. and I swear, it’s delicious!!

I have to say, I’m not someone who likes to stand in the kitchen but this is so easy (and very fast) to make. In the manual you can find a few recipes. There are several recipes like chocolate bowl and oatmeal bowl but you can also create your own creation if you want. I think this is so great about the Waffle Bowl Maker, that you can make several delicious waffles.

You must definitely try this because you can make all kinds of delicious dishes. Click here for the website.

♥ Stay tuned for upcoming waffle posts on my Instagram feed ♥


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