Little Roots Apparel

Recently, I discovered a new apparel brand called ‘Little Roots Apparel‘. I’m in love with this upcoming brand. That’s why I’ll tell you more about this new, unique clothing label. You’ll love it!

Little Roots is the new kid on the block of the Leuven Startups. The team consists of five young entrepreneurs with a big love for fashion. You can buy sweaters, t-shirts and tote bags. The clothes are very good quality. The designs on the shirts are designed by children from 6 to 12 years old, how original is that?! There are dinos, robots, cactus, unicorns, ananas and more! Available in different colors. Do you usually have size small? Then you order an extra small one. Do you have size medium? Then you order a small one. They are therefore very comfortable.

I really like the Baseball Tee! It’s currently available in black and vintage red. It reminds me of those American high school shirts. You can combine this with lots of clothes. A nice jeans with heels, a long skirt with white sneakers or a basic black pants. It’s all possible!


Do these kids that for free? Yes and no, they help them with Make-A-Wish to achieve the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses. 35% of Little Roots’s profit is therefore completely integrated into Make-A-Wish. Together we contribute to responsible business. Isn’t that beautiful?! More than 2100 wishes have been fulfilled in Flanders due to Make-A-Wish and we want to contribute our way to increasing that number!

♥ Want to find out more about Make-A-Wish? Visit and shop the clothes here ♥

The reason I wanted to collaborate with them is because I love the fantastic prints, but also because I think it’s wonderful to help the children with their dreams come true. I have a lot of respect for Little Roots Apparel!



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