What’s in my suitcase?

Hello everyone♥  I’m going to NYC next week for 7 days. That means I’m already preparing to make my suitcase. I really like to make my suitcase (I don’t know why haha). But I love to be okay with everything. That’s why I wrote to all of you my ‘suitcase-list‘. Enjoy!

First of all, no matter where you go, if you want to travel in style, you have to pack smart. Before, I took all my wardrobe with me. I think 60% of my suitcase consisted of ‘just in case-clothes’. Nowadays I think much more about packing my suitcase. Respect for people who can travel super light. But I always use the weight limit, usually around 20 to 25 kilo. Depending on the number of days and what I’ll do during the trip I think about how many outfits I should be able to compile.


What’s in my hand luggage?

I always use a bag with a zipper so I can shut it well. I prefer to use a basic bag with not too many boxes and bags in. I use my ‘Chancard’ bag, it’s so easily. You can find this lovely bag here.
These things are in my hand luggage:
› a map with all my travel documents + passport + esta/visum
› pen + paper
› smartphone + charger + powerbank + camera + headset
› wallet + cash + creditcard + driving license
› sunglasses from Gobert Optics
› hand cleaning gel + hand cream + kleenex + face mist
› a small bag with some make-up and lipbalm
› snacks + mentos gum
› a scarf
› magazines

What’s in my toiletries?

When I travel, I try to take everything in the smallest sizes. You can always go to the HEMA or Primark to buy mini bottles. Then you can fill them yourself with your favorite products. Check in advance whether a hairdryer is provided in your hotel. That saves luggage again!
› my Babor travel-kit (cleaning + care)
› showergel + shampoo from Lush
› handcream + bodycream + VS mist + Chanel face mist
› tanningspray
› cotton pads
› a hairbrush
› nail file + pincet
› toothbrush + toothpaste
› make-up
› medical kit (paracetamol, plasters, pills, something for the stomach .. you never know!)

What’s in my suitcase?

I think this is different for everyone but I’ll do my best to mention the main items. If you know in advance that it will rain, be prepared! These are the items that I always takeout during a city trip of about 5-7 days.
› leather jacket / jeans jacket / raincoat
› good sneakers from Nike / fashion shoes / heels
› 3 jeans / 1 black trousers / 1 long skirt
› 3 blouses / 3 t-shirts / 2 sweaters
› enough socks and underwear
› jewelery
› 3 bags
› 1 cute pyjama

» pack all your clothes inside out, this will prevent stains
» roll your clothes on, so you avoid wrinkles, and there may be more space in your suitcase
» always take an empty bag for your dirty underwear
» use the space in your shoes and bags, here you can easily lose a deodorant or underwear and socks

PS : Don’t wait until the last minute for packing. I often take my suitcase in my bedroom a few days before leaving. All I want to take with me, I already put in there.

Thank you for reading. I wish you good luck with packing ♥


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