Santa LUSH is coming

Hello there♥
as you guys may already know, I’m (a little bit.. okay no.. very much) LUSH – addicted! I like to try all the new things out of lush, perfect now in the Christmas-coming months, because there are so much new limited stuff. I’ll share you my personal top 5.      « click on the pictures to buy them »



This lipscrub is just amaazing! My lips never felt so soft. The color of the purple cotton candy looks so attractive. The ingredients are caster sugar, organic jojoba oil and sweet wild orange oil. So if you apply the lip scrub, you can lick off the excess. Jummmmy!

w_sugar_plum_fairy_lip_scrub            15128601_10211599436009700_1124635131_n



This is my favorite showel gel this season. It smells like sweet candy/bubble gum (the whole day!). “Summon it in the shower, morning, noon or night, and be filled with comfort, joy and delight.”

product_gift_winter_snow_fairy_self_preserving          15228015_10211599436449711_1271711220_n



Candy, candy, candy. Can’t get enough! This magic wand will transform your bath in pink water and create clouds of candy floss bubbles. You can save some for next time by popping your reusable wand on the side to dry out. PS : Don’t forget to make a wish!

magic_wand        15208034_10211599552492612_1802950889_n



You’ll sleep in heavenly peace after dipping into this dreamy lotion, made with a gentle oatmeal infusion, calming lavender flower and comfortingly sweet tonka absolute. This is definitely my favorite body/hand lotion. I bring this on my skin before I go to bed. Goodnight♥

sleepy_body_lotion_0            15228112_10211599433009625_1136641232_n



Last but not least… this is my favorite bath bomb! I can’t describe how much I love the smell. When I saw the bath bomb for the first time, I thought “Oh nice, another pink bath bomb..” BUT IT ISN’T! It turns in an wonderful holly green colour. Christmas can finally start.

15240307_10211599543932398_1381541749_n            15207891_10211599433089627_1962804965_n



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