Holaaaa, ¿cómo estás¿ … Okay no, unfortunately I don’t speak Spanish. I love this language and I want to learn it but it seems so hard. I’ve visited Spain for several times. I’ve been to Madrid, Almería, Málaga,.. and many other places. But in this blog-post, I’ll tell you about my experience, about my amazing trip to Barcelona. The reason why I like to travel to Spain? You don’t have to sit long on the plane (you can even drive by car if you want), for the very nice weather every season and the great shops such as Mango, Zara and Stradivarius. (DUUU-UUUH) 😉

We went to Barcelona for a week, we (my boyfriend and I) stayed in a great hotel located in Santa Susanna,  Aqua Hotel. The hotel located just 100 metres from the beach, on the seafront promenade of Santa Susanna. Wow what an amazing view! This hotel is definitely recommended. They have very big rooms, a giant lobby and the food was delicious. The first three days we decided to stay in the hotel to relax in the sun. Getting a nice tan for the next few days in Barcelona. Our hotel had a large pool but we were always at the beach or on the rooftop terrace with jacuzzi and sun loungers. At night we explored the neighborhood of Santa Susanna, walking through the shops and we went to the Spa at the hotel. Relaxing to end the evening. The fourth day we decided to explore Barcelona. We could go by train to the station of Barcelona. This took about 45 minutes. Super easy and cheap! While we could enjoy the beautiful view of the coast.

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Already arrived, we couldn’t wait to explore the city! When we came out of the station, we arrived at a large square Plaza Catalunya, with an incredible amount of pigeons! But oh so beautiful! It was recommended to us to take the Barcelona Bus Turístic / Hop On and Off. When you are in the city you should certainly do this. Especially if you don’t know the city. There are several lines, a red, green, and blue line with different routes and stops. You can get off and get on whenever you want. During the bus tour, you get free headphones to listen in your own language what’s being said about the places. There is also free wifi!

Our first bus stop was at Sagrada Familia designed by Catalan Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí. Wow, in real life it’s muuuch bigger. WON DER FUL ♥ And yes, they’re still working on it… The next stop was Park Güell, also designed by Antoni Gaudí, what an amazing artist! We walked through the park and made beautiful pictures. We had such a nice overview of the city Barcelona. Our next stop was Camp Nou. The Camp Nou was built in 1957 and is the laaargest football stadium in Europe. I -no football expert or enthusiast- was pleasantly surprised. Fortunately, my boyfriend knows a lot about football and he was also a little bit my guide 😉 It was great to visit this stadium so close. You also learn about the history of Football Club Barça which was very interesting. We could also take a look at all the trophies which they had won a lot! And had a look at the stadium ofcourse. “Mes Que Un Club”. After the tour we could shopping in the Barça shop. Robin bought a personalized Barcelona-shirt with his name and number (22, because it was his 22nd birthday), an original souvenir! Okay, after this fun day we deserved something delicious. We went to a grill room located at La Rambla and enjoyed the evening together.

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The next day we decided to chill in the sun. I would spend hours in the sun, it’s sooo relaxing and I’m addicted to have a nice tan (okay I know it’s not that healthy…). But admit it, who doesn’t like to have a nice tan?

Day six and seven, we decided to go back to the beautiful city. To explore the city and the “local places” to find some good tapas and wine. Ofcourse we also went here in town to do some shopping. Woow unbelievable how much Zara’s & Mango’s here are (and cheaper than in my town). I also bought some clothes at Brandy Melville, I’m addicted to that brand btw. There was also a large Sephora in the center of Barcelona. HEA VEN♥  After shopping, we went to La Rambla to visit the popular market where all local products are such as seafood, chorizo, fruit and the delicious smoothies! La Rambla is a wide busy and lively boulevard that is
only accessible to pedestrians, from Plaça Catalunya to Port Vell, the oldest part of the port of Barcelona. At Port Vell, we went to the Barcelona Aquarium. The aquarium claims to be the largest in Europe with incredible animals! We had so much fun there. After visiting the Aquarium, we went back to have dinner. We went back to La Rambla and decided to look at a cozy restaurant. We found Itapa, an amazing place to eat! You had to pay 20 euros and can eat as much as you want. There were all special typical dishes. Also tapas! It was also very nicely decorated, definitely a must if you are in the area of La Rambla.

If you have a good time, time always goes fast.. If you want to do a nice beach holiday combined with citytripping & shopping is Barcelona perfect. Guaranteed good weather and an amazing city!


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